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Graduate Seminar - Dr. Murtaza Ziauddin


Monday, February 01, 2016


03:00pm - 04:00pm


CPE 2.204


Speaker:  Dr. Murtaza Ziauddin, Advisor for Matrix Stimulation and Production Chemistry - Schlumberger

Seminar Title: “Carbonate Matrix Stimulation: A Poorly Understood and an Under-Optimized Technique”


Matrix stimulation treatments in carbonate reservoirs are generally considered low risk.  Production increases from these treatments are routine and the "success" of these treatments are perceived to be high. However, many treatments realize only a small fraction of the true well potential.  If a more holistic evaluation criterion is used, many treatments would not be considered successful.  This lecture will start with a brief introduction to matrix stimulation in carbonates and describe typical design elements.  This will be followed by design challenges, such as treatments in long heterogeneous intervals, in fractured reservoirs, and in mature reservoirs.  The many variables influencing the treatment design and the challenge in optimizing the design with respect to these will be addressed.  Influence of rock type, treatment fluid type, and operating conditions will be discussed.  The available technologies for fluid placement will be presented in the context of formation complexity and the length of producing interval.  A design workflow is proposed which ensures that all variables are addressed systematically.



Dr.  Murtaza Ziauddin is an Advisor for Matrix Stimulation and Production Chemistry with Schlumberger in Sugar Land, Texas.  He  has more than 18 years of  production engineering experience.  Murtaza Ziauddin has co-authored three SPE books. The lecture will draw on material from his most recent book,  "Chemistry for Enhancing Production" as well as from his contributions to the upcoming update to the classical SPE Monograph on Acidizing.  He has authored 27 technical papers and holds 12 patents. Murtaza has a BS degree from the University of Houston and a PhD degree from the University of Minnesota, both in chemical engineering.