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Industry Seminar with Thaimar Ramirez - SPWLA President


Friday, April 29, 2016


12:00pm - 01:00pm


CPE 2.220


The Society of Petrophysicists and Well-Log Analysts Austin Chapter has invited Thaimar Ramirez fromOxywho will be talking about "Integrated Evaluation and Subsurface Engineering for Unconventional Reservoirs". 

Thaimar Ramirez is currently serving on the SPWLA Board as President and she will be giving a presentation of the SPWLA before the technical talk. 

Do not miss the opportunity of learning more about the SPWLA and formation evaluation !  

Here are the details:

Title: Integrated Evaluation and Subsurface Engineering for Unconventional Reservoirs

Speaker: Thaimar Ramirez, Reservoir Engineer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, SPWLA President 2015-16


Horizontal well development is commonly implemented to maximize production in tight reservoirs at economic rates. One of the major challenges that the operating companies face is to make smart decisions given the lack of data in horizontal wells.

We present an integrated workflow for the evaluation of horizontal development plays in unconventional reservoirs. Our approach uses the integration of geological, petrophysical, and engineering data to assess and predict well performance. The main objective is to increase well productivity and decrease costs by optimizing well spacing and completion design.

This workflow has successfully been executed on oil horizontal plays with challenging geological settings. The effectiveness of the optimization is usually evaluated by comparing production data from wells completed with the proposed stimulation to those from wells with previous hydraulic fracture designs. It is critical to assess whether the improved well performance is a result of acceleration or increased stimulated rock volume. Only the latter will yield a higher EUR. One of the major advantages of this workflow is that it minimizes the likelihood of unsuccessful field trials while improving project economics.


Thaimar Ramirez is a Reservoir Engineer at the Exploitation team with Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Her responsibilities include rate transient analysis, reserves estimation, and implementation of integrated workflows in horizontal plays in unconventional reservoirs. Previously, Thaimar worked as a Reservoir Engineer in the Kaybob team with Apache Canada in Calgary, AB and the Horizontal Drilling and Completions and Exploration and Production Technology Departments in Houston, TX where she gained experience in worldwide assets. Thaimar started her career at ConocoPhillips as a Petrophysicist, working in both business units and technology, including Alaska exploration, domestic and international production projects, and global unconventional resource play formation evaluation. She received a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in 2004. She is currently serving on the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) board as President. Previous to becoming President, Thaimar served as VP Technology in the SPWLA international board of directors. She was responsible for delivering the technical program and workshops at the 2014 SPWLA Annual Symposium in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She was elected 2010-2011 Editor, 2011-2012 VP Westside, and 2012 – 2013 President of the SPWLA Houston Chapter. She was a member of the SPWLA technology committee for several years and served as secretary and co-founder on the SPWLA Unconventional Resources special-interest-group (2009 – 2011). Thaimar also served on the SPE Reservoir Geology and Geophysics subcommittee (2012 – 2013). She is a technology committee member at URTeC and serves an Associate Editor for SPE and SEG. She was honored as a member of the Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology magazine for the spring 2010 issue “40 under 40” in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In her spare time, Thaimar enjoys reading, jogging, and traveling.