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Graduate Seminar - Jimmie Baran


Monday, September 11, 2017


08:30am - 09:30am


Thompson Conference Center (2405 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin TX 78712) - 2.120


Speaker:  Dr. Jimmie Baran, Staff Scientist leading the Applied Surface Science Group at 3M’s Corporate Research Materials Laboratory

Title of Seminar: “3M Products and Research for Enhancing Oil and Gas Production”

Abstract: 3M first sold products into the petroleum industry in the 1940s.  Over the years, many of our products have enhanced the environmental, health and safety of the industry and its employees.  In recent years, 3M has started to develop new products for use downhole to enhance production, as well.  Several newer downhole products will be highlighted along with new technologies that 3M is developing with UT-CPGE to bring to the industry in collaboration with UT-CPGE.

Biography:   Dr. Jimmie Baran received bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from The University of Texas-Austin.  Following his graduate studies, he obtained a post-doctoral position focusing on microemulsions for toxic spill remediation, oral drug delivery and enhanced oil recovery.  Jimmie then took a research position with 3M, Co.  He is currently a Staff Scientist leading the Applied Surface Science group within 3M’s Corporate Research Materials Laboratory.  Jimmie’s recognized areas of expertise are in surfactants, nanoparticle technology and fluid blockage in natural gas wells.  Jimmie is a co-author on 27 publications and an inventor on 49 issued patents.