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helge haldorsen

Dr. Helge H. Haldorsen holds the position of Vice President Investor Relations with Statoil in Houston. During 2007-2017 he was General Director Statoil Mexico and Vice President Strategy & Portfolio Statoil North America. Before Statoil, Haldorsen worked with Norsk Hydro E&P in various roles including Chief Reservoir Engineer, Vice President Technology and Competence, Vice President Exploration and Research, Senior Vice President International Exploration and Production, and President Hydro Gulf of Mexico. Helge also held various positions at BP, Sohio and ExxonMobil in Anchorage, London, San Francisco, Stavanger and Houston. He was a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy and a Professor of Industrial Mathematics at the University of Oslo.

Haldorsen earned an MS in petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim (now NTNU) and a PhD in reservoir engineering from The University of Texas at Austin with Professor Larry W. Lake as his PhD Committee Chairman. He served on the Offshore Technology Conference Board of Directors for five years and currently serves on the Cockrell School of Engineering External Advisory Board (EAC).

Haldorsen also served on the Society of Petroleum Engineer's (SPE) Board of Directors for three years. He has been an SPE Distinguished Lecturer and an SPE Distinguished Author. Haldorsen has authored a large number of technical papers and articles on reservoir engineering and other E&P themes and he has given frequent E&P industry keynotes throughout his career. Haldorsen was the 2015 President of The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) with 165,000 individual members in 144 countries. He was awarded the 2013 Rhodes Petroleum Industry Leadership Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).   




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