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David Baldwin

David C. Baldwin is a leader in recognizing the next rising star – he is like a “Shark Tank” judge of the oil and gas industry with his great intuition for which companies have the passion and persistence to make it big.

Current Position: General Director of Statoil Mexico in Mexico City

 1/ What innovations are you seeing in the industry right now that are most inspiring to you?

Robert Parker

Without the leadership and petroleum engineering background of UT PGE Distinguished Alumnus Robert L. Parker, Sr., the world we know today could look a lot different. Parker's time on campus was short, but his global impact is immeasurable.

Richard and Lois Folger

Texas Exes have plenty of ways to stay connected to their alma mater, from socializing with fellow alums to supporting favorite academic programs to cheering on the Texas Longhorns. Life Members Lois and Richard Folger of Midland like to do all of the above, with gusto.

Scott Sheffield

In the 1990s, most of the major oil and gas companies in this country divested domestic assets and moved resources to the international arena, believing that oil fields in the United States were all drilled up. UT PGE alumnus Scott Sheffield was not so sure.


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