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Photo of Matthew Balhoff

Matthew Balhoff


Frank W. Jessen Centennial Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 4.182A

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Photo of J.Eric Bickel

J.Eric Bickel

Associate Professor

Office Location: ETC 5.128D

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Photo of Paul Bommer

Paul Bommer

Distinguished Senior Lecturer

Chevron Lectureship in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 3.124

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Photo of Hugh Daigle

Hugh Daigle

Associate Professor

Office Location: CPE 5.174

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Photo of Mojdeh Delshad

Mojdeh Delshad

Research Professor

512-471-3219, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 2.502

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Photo of David DiCarlo

David DiCarlo

Associate Professor

George H. Fancher Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 4.174

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Photo of Nicolas Espinoza

Nicolas Espinoza

Associate Professor

Office Location: CPE 3.118A, CPE 2.502

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Photo of John Foster

John Foster

Associate Professor

Office Location: CPE 3.108

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Photo of Kenneth Gray

Kenneth Gray


512-471-3242, 512-471-7190
Office Location: CPE 3.186A, PRC B-17 R2

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Photo of Zoya Heidari

Zoya Heidari

Associate Professor

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Centennial Fellowship #1 in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: PGE 5.108

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Photo of Deborah Hempel-Medina

Deborah Hempel-Medina

Senior Lecturer

Office Location: CPE 3.104A

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Photo of Chun Huh

Chun Huh

Research Professor

Office Location: CPE 4.186B

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Photo of Larry Lake

Larry Lake


Shahid and Sharon Ullah Endowed Chair in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

512-471-8233, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 4.108

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Photo of Krishan Malik

Krishan Malik

Adjunct Professor

Office Location: CPE 2.502, 2.502

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Photo of Kishore Mohanty

Kishore Mohanty


Bank of America Professorship in Petroleum Engineering, Director of the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Office Location: CPE 4.168

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Photo of Quoc Nguyen

Quoc Nguyen


J.H. Herring Centennial Professorship

Office Location: CPE 5.104 A

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Photo of Ryosuke Okuno

Ryosuke Okuno

Associate Professor

Pioneer Corporation Faculty Fellow in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 5.118B

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Photo of Hilary Olson

Hilary Olson

Senior Lecturer

Director of Education, Training and Outreach - CPGE

Office Location: CPE 5.168A

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Photo of Jon Olson

Jon Olson

Department Chair and Professor

Lois K. and Richard D. Folger Leadership Chair and Frank W. Jessen Professor

512-471-7375, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 5.168B, CPE 2.502

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Photo of Gary Pope

Gary Pope

Professor Emeritus

Texaco Centennial Chair in Petroleum Engineering

512-471-3235, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 2.502

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Photo of Masa Prodanovic

Masa Prodanovic

Associate Professor

Chevron Centennial Teaching Fellow in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 4.186A

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Photo of Michael Pyrcz

Michael Pyrcz

Associate Professor

Office Location: CPE 4-186B

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Photo of Kamy Sepehrnoori

Kamy Sepehrnoori

Professor and Associate Department Chair

W.A.(Monty) Moncrief Centennial Endowed Chair in Petroleum Engineering

512-471-0231, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 4.104A

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Photo of Mukul Sharma

Mukul Sharma


W.A. (Tex) Moncrief, Jr. Centennial Endowed Chair in Petroleum Engineering

512-471-3257, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 5.118A

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Photo of Wen Song

Wen Song

Assistant Professor

Office Location: CPE 4.118B

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Photo of Carlos Torres-Verdin

Carlos Torres-Verdin


Brian James Jennings Memorial Endowed Chair and Zarrow Centennial Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

512-471-4216, 512-471-3161
Office Location: CPE 5.182A

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Photo of Eric van Oort

Eric van Oort


B. J. Lancaster Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

Office Location: CPE 5.186A

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grey box

Mary Wheeler


Ernest and Virginia Cockrell Chair in Engineering

Office Location: ACE 5.324

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