Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Matthew Balhoff

Photo of Balhoff, Matthew

Associate Professor

Frank W. Jessen Centennial Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering

Phone: (512) 471-3246
Office: CPE 4.182A

Research Areas: Chemical EOR, Geological CO2 Storage, Reservoir Simulation

Educational Qualifications:

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2000

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2005

PGE Courses Taught:

PGE 310 (Numerical Methods and Programming)

PGE 312 (Introduction to Petroleum Fluids)

PGE 323M (Reservoir Simulation)

PGE 392K (Reservoir Simulation)


The overall goal of my research is to model, understand, and validate fundamental flow and transport behavior of subsurface fluids with applications to hydrocarbon recovery, carbon sequestration, groundwater remediation, and nuclear waste storage. I perform my research using advanced mathematical and computational tools (pore-scale models and reservoir simulation), but I also conduct experiments. I categorize the goals of my research into four specific areas: (1) Develop unique methods to simulate multiscale flow and transport processes in subsurface media, (2) Predict and quantify nonlinear flow behavior in porous media at the pore scale, (3) Model, characterize, and validate non-Newtonian fluid flow in hydrocarbon recovery processes, and (4) Discover breakthroughs in recovering unconventional hydrocarbons. My expertise is in pore-scale modeling, multiscale modeling, reservoir simulation, and enhanced oil recovery.

Awards & Honors:

SPE Distinguished Member Award, 2017

SPE Young Member Oustanding Service Award, 2014

Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award for Assistant Professor, 2013

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International Teaching Fellow Award, 2012

ASEE Gulf Coast Southwest Outstanding Young Faculty Award, 2011

Recognized by Mortar Board Honor Society as a “preferred professor” at University-wide reception, 2010

PGE Departmental Teaching Award, 2009

Highlighted Publications and Google Scholar Profile:

Mehmani, Y.*, Balhoff, M.T., “Generalized Semi-Analytical Solution of Advection-Diffusion-Reaction in Finite and Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Ducts”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 78, page1155–1165, August 2014, doi:10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2014.07.082

Cheng, C., Balhoff, M.T., Mohanty, K.*, “Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Improved Shale Oil Recovery by CO2 Huff-n-Puff,” SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering-Reservoir Engineering, Volume 17, Issue 03, pages 404-413, August 2014, doi:10.2118/164553-PA.

Mehmani, Y., Balhoff, M.T.*, “Bridging from Pore to Continuum: A Hybrid Mortar Domain Decomposition Framework for Subsurface Flow and Transport,” Journal of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Volume 12, Issue 2, pages 667-693, July 2014. doi:

Mehmani, Y., Oostrom, M., Balhoff, M.T., “A Streamline Splitting Pore-Network Approach for Computationally Inexpensive and Accurate Simulation of Species Transport in Porous Media,” Water Resources Research, Volume 50, Issue 3, pages 2488-2517, March 2014,  doi: 10.1002/2013WR014984

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Sun, T., Mehmani, Y. and Balhoff, M.T.*, “Hybrid Multiscale Modeling through Direct Substitution of Pore-Scale Models into Near-Well Reservoir Simulators,” Energy & Fuels, Volume 26, Issue 9, pages 5828−5836, September 2012.

Balhoff, M.*, Sanchez-Rivera, D., Kwok, A., Mehmani, Y. and Prodanović, M., “Numerical Algorithms for Network Modeling of Yield Stress and other Non-Newtonian Fluids in Porous Media,” Transport in Porous Media, Volume 93, Issue 3, pages 363-379, July 2012.

Afsharpoor, A., Balhoff, M.T.*, Bonnecaze, R. and Huh, C., “CFD modeling of the effect of polymer elasticity on residual oil saturation at the pore-scale,” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 94-95, pages 79-88, September 2012, published online June 26, 2012, doi: 10.1016/j.petrol.2012.06.027.

Balan, H.O., Balhoff, M.T.*, Nguyen, Q.P and Rossen, W.R., “Network Modeling of Gas Trapping and Mobility in Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery,” Energy & Fuels, Volume 25, Issue 9, pages 3974–3987, September 15, 2011.

Balhoff, M.*, Mikelić, A. and Wheeler, M.F., “Polynomial Filtration Laws for Low Reynolds Number Flows Through Porous Media,” Transport in Porous Media, Volume 81, Issue 1, pages 35-60, January 2010.

Balhoff, M.T.* and Wheeler, M.F., “A Predictive Pore-Scale Model for Non-Darcy Flow in Porous Media,” SPE Journal, Volume 14, Number 4, pages 579-587, December 2009.

Balhoff, M.T.*, Thomas, S.G. and Wheeler, M.F., “Mortar coupling and upscaling of pore-scale models,” Computational Geosciences, Volume 12, Number 1, pages 15-27, March 2008.