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Ebrahim Rasromani profile

M.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Ebrahim Rasromani almost gave up on science. After completing his bachelor’s degree in engineering physics at Cornell University, he was conflicted with the major he had chosen.

“I didn’t like the career path that engineering physics was going to take me, but then I found SURI.” Ebrahim was accepted into UT PGE’s Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI) and discovered his passion for petroleum engineering and love for The University of Texas at Austin.

Now working on his master’s degree in petroleum engineering, Ebrahim is studying petrophysics and applying the knowledge he has learned at UT PGE to his work in industry. Last summer, Ebrahim interned at Tatweer Petroleum in Bahrain. “All the basic concepts, terminology and techniques for modeling that I learned at UT definitely helped make my job easier,” said Ebrahim. “Coming back to school, I’m learning more and more because I had that internship experience and saw how everything applies to the real world.”

Ebrahim credits UT PGE’s small department and the relationships he has developed to some of his success. “I like being able to better communicate with the faculty,” said Ebrahim. “Here, I pretty much know every professor and they all at least know my name.” 

Before graduating in December 2015, Ebrahim will complete an internship with Chevron in Houston  and continue his search for a full-time position. “The reason I like UT so much is because it has given me so many opportunities that will change my life - I’m still doing science and that’s because of UT.”



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