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Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering Student

1. What excites you about the oil and gas industry?

I am passionate about the oil and gas industry because of the changes that are happening right now in energy. The oil and gas industry produces a fundamental and necessary product for society; although the world is undergoing an energy transition. It is exciting to see how traditional energy companies will adapt in response to new technologies and environmental concerns.

2. What research are you conducting?

I am conducting experimental research to investigate the properties of nanoparticle-stabilized emulsions for use in enhanced oil recovery. While not as well understood as other more conventional EOR methods, these oil-in-water emulsions have the potential to increase production by improving oil mobility. I perform core floods with nanoparticle-stabilized emulsions to study how the emulsions behave under high pressure in porous media and to determine how they interact with the rock itself.

3. What has been your most memorable UT PGE experience?

My most memorable experiences at UT PGE have been meeting and working with people from different research backgrounds, who have different perspectives on how to solve problems.

4. What are your ideal plans upon graduation?

I would ideally like to take a research position in the energy industry. It’s inspiring to work on the cutting edge of science and is something I would like to continue into the future.

5. What advice would you give to future students?

Some advice I received that has really helped me in graduate school so far is to stay focused on the big picture and to be aware of how my research fits in the context of the literature. Having a solid grasp of why your research is important and of the work that has come before is crucial, both for properly understanding your results and for developing creative ideas on where to take your research next.



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