Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

UT PGE e-Newsletter - Spring 2011

Do you or your company need to add petroleum engineering talent?  Can’t find the right mix of skills and enthusiasm in this challenging oil and gas workforce market?  Now you can—through Hire A UT PE.

UT PGE Professor Dr. Kishore Mohanty plans to launch a new Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery project that will feature an “all-star team” of 10 faculty members, who will each offer their niche expertise, to address some of the key issues of Gas EOR (GEOR).

For each e-newsletter, UT PGE will feature profiles of students who are now or will soon start their senior year--putting the spotlight on their oil and gas internship experiences, and their accomplishments on campus. 

UT PGE wishes to honor the memory of Charles Simmons, BSPE ’48, who passed away earlier this year.  Charles was an unwavering advocate for the oil and gas industry and inventor of the perforation ball sealer process that substantially boosted oil and gas recovery.

In the first seven months of 2011, he will travel almost 42,000 miles, spanning four different continents – that is almost enough mileage to completely circle the globe twice. From the hot and humid weather in Malaysia to the bitter cold winter in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Larry Lake has covered the hemispheres.