Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Masters Reports

Hayrettin Aygol. Foam Assisted Surfactant-Gas Flooding in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs. [PDF]

Xiao Luo. Experimental Studies on the Reservoir Dynamics of Water-based and Gas-based Fracturing Fluids in Tight Rocks. [PDF]

Lee Waters. Annular Flow Regimes in a Novel Down-Hole Gas-Liquid Separator and Pump Connector. [PDF]

Yichen Xin. Experiment Design and Improvement for PGE 427 Properties of Petroleum Fluids. [PDF]


Masters Theses

Mohammad Hamad AlTwaijri. A Comprehensive Numerical Model for Simulating Two-Phase Flow in Shale Gas Reservoirs with Complex Hydraulic and Natural Fractures. [PDF]

Michael David Aman. Micromechanical Testing for the Evaluation of Chemo-Mechanical Alteration of CO_2 Storage Rocks. [PDF]

Hector Emilio Barrios Molano. Development of a Framework for Parallel Reservoir Simulation. [PDF]

Sebastian Calvache Mejia. Development of a Multiphase Flow Simulator for Drilling Applications. [PDF]

Silpakorn Dachanuwattana. A History Matching Workflow Using Proxy-Based MCMC Applied in Tight Reservoir Simulation Studies. [PDF]

Jonathan Driver. Tailoring Polymer Molecular Weight Distribution to Pore Size Distribution Using Filtration and Mechanical Degradation. [PDF]

Calvin M. Eberle. An Investigation Into Surfactant Stabilized, Non-Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery. [PDF]

Litan Li. Experimental Studies on the Use of Chemical Additives for Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage. [PDF]

Benjamin List. Development of Self-Heating Pipeline Pigging Tool. [PDF]

Eric Lynd. An Exploration of the IGA Method for Efficient Reservoir Simulation. [PDF]

Nuntha Naudomsup. Estimation of Reservoir Properties Using an Integration of the Capacitance-Resistance Model and Tracer Testing. [PDF]

Emre Ozen. Modeling of Geochemical Reactions with Fluid Flow Simulation for Scale Precipitation and Alkaline/Surfactant/Polymer Flooding Proccess. [PDF]

Marilena Papdopoulou. Numerical Simulation Study of Low-Tension-Gas (LTG) Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Tight Formations. [PDF]

Siddharth Senthilnathan. Surface-Coated Silica Nanoparticles for Conformance Control of Buoyancy-Driven CO_2 Flow. [PDF]

Xiao Xu. Peridynamic Model of Poroelasticity Based on Hamilton's Principle. [PDF]

Dandan Zheng. Path Optimization Advisor and Analytical Tools for Directional Drilling. [PDF]



Theresa Baumgartner. Maximizing the Value of Information from Downhole High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Data. [PDF]

Dongkeun Lee. A Model for Hydraulic Fracturing and Proppant Placement in Unconsolidated Sands. [PDF]

Yu Liang. Scaling of Solutal Convection in Porous Media. [PDF]

Xiangyu Liu. Mud-to-Cement Conversion of Synthetic-Based Drilling Muds Using Geopolymers. [PDF]

Elsa Maalouf. Rapid Modeling and Inversion-Based Interpretation of Borehole Acoustic Measurements Acquired in Isotropic and Vertical Transversely Isotropic Formations. [PDF]

Maryam Mirabolghasemi. Micro-scale Modeling of Formation Damage. [PDF]

Hariharan Ramachandran. Modeling CO_2 Leakage Through Faults and Fractures from Subsurface Storage Sites. [PDF]

Bo Ren. Local Capillary Trapping and Permeability-Retarded Accumulation During Geologic Carbon Sequestration. [PDF]

Robin Singh. Multifunction Foams and Emulsions for Subsurface Applications. [PDF]

Rodolfo Araujo Victor. Multiscale, Image-Based Interpretation of Well Logs Acquired in a Complex, Deepwater Carbonate Reservoir. [PDF] Associated dataset at Digital Rocks Portal.

Weiwei Wang. The Effect of Cemented Natural Fractures on Hydraulic Fracture Propagation. [PDF]

Weiwei Wu. Unpropped Fractures in Shale: Surface Topography, Mechanical Properties and Hydraulic Conductivity. [PDF]

Yun Wu. Strategies for Mitigating Risks of Scalability and Containment in Geological CO2 Storage. [PDF]

Kaimin Yue. Height Containment of Hydraulic Fractures in Layered Reservoirs. [PDF]

Chunxiao Zhu. NMR Longitudinal Surface Relaxation Phenomena of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Porous Media. [PDF]

Di Zhu. Simultaneous Phase-Stability-Split Computation for Multiphase Oil-Displacement Simulation. [PDF]

Testing for the Evaluation of Chemo
of CO
Storage Rocks