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In this section, undergraduate students can track their course progress, learn about the student organizations and how to get involved, find out more information on Camp Longhorn offered in Louisiana, and finally, discover resources available to assist you with obtaining an internship or permanent position.  

Current undergraduate petroleum and geosystems engineering students can reference the below suggested arrangement of courses for an eight-semester program and curriculum flowcharts. For course catalog questions, please contact Arletta Tompkins, UT PGE academic advising coordinator.

Students entering PEN or GEH degree plans for the 16-18 undergraduate catalog are required to have access to a portable computing device capable of running programs suitable for use in the classroom and on the university wireless network. The use of this device will be necessary in many required courses, and individual instructors may require the device be brought to class or lab sessions. Please use the downloadable PDF for a list if minimum hardware requirements.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many student organizations within the PGE department and the Cockrell School of Engineering. The benefits of joining include:

Shell’s Jack Hirsch Memorial Drilling and Production Camp (a.k.a. Camp Longhorn) in Louisiana is a fantastic week-long opportunity for students to receive hands-on experience in the field with a renowned energy company. Participation in the camp is by invite only. Each year Shell will determine the specific criteria for camp eligibility then UT PGE will send invitations to engineering students who meet these qualifications. If you don’t receive an invitation, you are not eligible for the camp.

The approximate date for invitations to be sent for the January 2018 camp will be by the end of October 2017.

UT PGE undergraduates are recruited and hired by top energy companies for internships and full-time positions. Internships allow students to put theory to practice with hands-on projects in industry. Students are taken out of the classroom environment and go into the field at locations across the country, including: Houston, Denver and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska for a rewarding and educational summer experience. Internships are one of the best avenues for students to obtain full-time positions upon graduation.

The Petroleum Engineering Reading Room serves the students, faculty and staff of UT PGE. The Reading Room collection includes textbooks, technical publications, journals, and theses and dissertations on the subject of petroleum engineering and related fields.

UT PGE is hosting its second-annual Croatia Maymester Engineering Program in the summer of 2017. The program, led by UT PGE associate professor David DiCarlo, takes place in the beautiful historic cities of Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia from May 27 to June 26.

The program provides students with insights on international oil and gas operations and the ability to learn computer programming in order to solve complex energy problems, through PGE 310. Students will attend several excursions to explore geological sites across Croatia and a visit to gas storage facilities near Zagreb.

See highlights of the 2016 program.

In 3 to 5 years after graduation, petroleum engineering program graduates will:

1. Be practical, employable and qualified petroleum engineers, who effectively solve problems and design new processes and workflows in the oil and gas production and services industries or other similar pursuits. Many will have started to move into leadership roles within their workplace.

2. Keep their education up to date through self-instruction and other training.

3. Serve society by encouraging the ideals of ethical behavior, professionalism, and environmentally responsible use of natural resources.

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