Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Larry Lake

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Shahid and Sharon Ullah Endowed Chair in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Phone: (512) 471-8233, (512) 471-3161
Office: CPE 4.108

Research Areas: Fundamental Processes; Integrated Reservoir Characterization; Geostatistics, Reservoir Engineering; Enhanced Oil Recovery

Educational Qualifications:

BS, Chemical Engineering, Arizona State University, 1967

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Rice University, 1973

PGE Courses Taught:

PGE312 (Fundamental of Fluid Properties)

PGE337 (Fundamentals of Geostatistics)

PGE323K (Reservoir Engineering I)

PGE383 (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

PGE393 (Numerical Simulation)


My research is in the areas of enhanced oil recovery, decision and risk analysis, and geochemistry and flow.

Awards & Honors:

SPE Honorary Member, 2006-present.

University of Texas Joe J. King Award for professional service, 2004.

SPE DeGoyer Award for distinguished service, 2003.

SPE Distinguished Lecturer, 1994, 2003.

Texas Society of Professional Engineers Dream Team, 2001.

SPE Distinguished Member, 1996, 2000.

SPE Distinguished Service Award, 2000.

Society of Petroleum Engineering/Department of Energy Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, IOR Pioneer, 2000.

Claude and Billie Hocott Award, College of Engineering, 1999.

National Academy of Engineering, 1997.

Highlighted Publications and Google Scholar Profile:

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