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Graduate students in the UT PGE department collaborate with world-class faculty on innovative research that results in game-changing solutions for the energy industry. In this section, learn more about what program option is the best fit for you, the financial support available, the abundant campus activities, why everyone is talking about Austin and the career opportunities available to you post-graduation. The section also provides the guidelines for admission and all the details on how to apply.

The University of Texas at Austin petroleum engineering graduate program by the numbers, is a strong and influential community that is dedicated to changing the world — 180 students, $13 million in research funding and 1,200 alumni with graduate degrees. The tight-knit group allows students to learn and develop in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, Austin, Texas.

Applicants are not required to have a background in petroleum engineering. Students with a bachelor's degree other than petroleum engineering who have degrees in engineering, math, or sciences can also be considered for the study of advanced petroleum engineering.

There are no set minimum requirements as candidates are considered on their full application. However, students closer to the admittance averages are more competitive.

Number of Students 27
Number of Applicants 154
Average GRE-verbal 155
Average GRE-quantitative 164
Average GPA 3.7/4

Ready to apply? Here you can find all the information you need to start and complete the process. 

Questions about the program? We have answers.

The University of Texas at Austin is home to 50,000 students who are all different in their interests and backgrounds. They are community of talented and open-minded individuals who come together to change the world after leaving UT Austin. The University of Texas at Austin offers student services and support to ensure success during a student’s college tenure. Once on campus, students will have access to the resources of a tier one research institution, and will still have a small-community feel at the PGE department.

Welcome to Austin - the thriving State Capital of Texas! Austin is rated the No. 1 best place to live in the USA (U.S. News & World Report, 2018).

All admitted students are considered for any available fellowships and/or assistantships. Fellowships and research assistantships, including monthly stipends, tuition and fees, and health insurance benefits, are provided to qualified candidates.

UT PGE graduate students have a variety of career choices post-graduation. You can choose to work for national research laboratories or research and development units in industry, or teach and conduct research at top universities across the nation and abroad. Discover the resources available to you. Always remember, the best way to obtain a full-time job upon graduation is participating in summer internships during your tenure at UT PGE. 


#1 Petroleum Engineering Program
97% of students receive financial support
$21 million conducted in research annually
10% of alumni serve in executive level positions in industry

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