Industry Partners

UT PGE would not be home to the top undergraduate and graduate petroleum engineering programs without strong industry partnerships. From developing your company’s future oil and gas engineering workforce to creating new technologies and business solutions, UT PGE works with many companies to deliver an investment with an impact.

Recruiting Future Engineers – UT PGE Workforce Initiative

Building direct connections with individual students is the foundation of great recruiting programs. UT PGE’s annual industry scholarship program, called Workforce Initiative, awards industry scholarships to UT PGE undergraduate students. The following companies are members:




EOG Resources


Pioneer Natural Resources






Baker Hughes





Bringing Industry to Education – Industry Camps

Becoming a world-class UT Austin petroleum engineer requires more than just great classroom instruction, it also requires understanding how the oil and gas industry works. Companies play a vital role in helping UT PGE produce engineers who are ready to work on day one.

Statoil – Arctic Geology Fieldwork

Shell - Camp Longhorn

Innovative Teaching and Research – Lab & Student Space Improvements

Many companies partner with UT PGE to continuously improve our undergraduate and graduate curriculum and lab resources. Generous support from alumni and corporate partners enables UT PGE to develop new learning environments and improve the student experience.

Baker Hughes & UT PGE Develop New Drilling & Completions Labs

NOV & UT PGE Bring Leading-edge Drilling Simulator to Undergraduate, Graduate Students

Research Partnerships – Solving Tomorrow’s Energy Challenges

The oil and gas industry faces critical challenges producing energy for an ever-expanding global population. UT PGE is home to some of the finest minds in the energy sector, working with key corporate partners in developing radical new approaches to addressing these challenges.

Statoil Fellows Program in Research

SUTUR – Shell-UT Austin Unconventional Research