Workforce Initiative

An industry leader speaks to students

By partnering with UT PGE through our Workforce Initiative (WFI), your company can help empower tomorrow’s leaders and close achievement gaps by supporting scholarships for deserving and talented students. Your support is a powerful recruiting and retention tool — and boosts your company’s visibility among our best and brightest young minds. 


Students Awarded WFI Scholarships  25%
Annual Scholarship Support $210,000
Scholarships Awarded Annually 140
Average Scholarship Award $3,000

Gain Direct Access to Top-Tier Students

As a WFI partner, your company participates in student events, activities, meetings and presentations that allow you to personally get to know and recruit talent at one of the best engineering programs in the country. Your support inspires brand loyalty among UT PGE students, particularly those who have received financial assistance from your company.

WFI scholarship recipient Xinyi Yang

“UT PGE’s relationships with oil and gas companies provide students with better access to opportunities and internships. Personally, through these relationships, I have been able to engage with different companies, secure a summer internship, and allocate more time to activities and student organizations that will further my career. When I graduate, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to help change the petroleum industry for the better by implementing more sustainable options.”

—Xinyi Yang (BSPE ’24)

Increase Corporate Visibility Within the Community

Partnering with UT PGE as a WFI supporter enhances your brand among students, faculty and alumni across the world, while also raising awareness among younger college-bound students. Students who receive support have scholarships named after your company — the higher your support level, the more named company scholarships. Your company is also recognized at department events and on digital and printed materials.

Contact us for more information about becoming part of UT PGE’s WFI.