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Photo of Song, Wen
Office Location: CPE 4.118B

Wen Song

Assistant Professor

George H. Fancher Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

Department Research Areas:
Geologic Carbon Storage
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Reservoir Engineering
Unconventional Resources
Petrophysics and Pore Scale Processes
Reservoir Simulation
Natural Gas Engineering

Personal Webpage:

Educational Qualifications:
Ph.D., Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University, 2019
M.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, 2014
B.A.Sc., Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2012

PGE Courses:
PGE 383: Small-Scale Fluid Flow
PGE 323K: Primary Recovery

Wen Song is a George H. Fancher Assistant Professor of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering. Her research focuses on elucidating the micro/nanoscale reactive transport processes within porous geomaterials that fundamentally control the management of energy and environmental resources. Specifically, her group develops unique operando visualization platforms that enable imaging of dynamic fluid-solid interactions at interfacial, pore, and pore-ensemble scales. She is a recipient of the NSF CAREER and the ACS PRF DNI Awards. Song joined the department as an assistant professor in January 2019 after earning her Ph.D. in Energy Resources Engineering and Ph.D. minor in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in January 2019.

Recent Honors and Awards:
NSF CAREER Award, 2022–2027

UT Austin Nominee, Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Award, 2020

Fellow, George H. Fancher Professorship in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, 2020–present

American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator Award, 2020–2022

Protégé of Larry W. Lake, The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas, 2020

Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship, 2018–2019

Gordon Research Conference (Microuidics, Physics and Chemistry of) Best Poster Award, 2017

Gordon Research Seminar (Flow and Transport in Permeable Media) Discussion Leader, 2016

Petroleum Research School of Norway STEP Scholarship, 2016

Hormoz and Fariba Ameri Graduate Education Fellowship in Earth Sciences, 2015–2018

Society of Petroleum Engineers Calgary Section Scholarship, 2104

4th World Petroleum Council Youth Forum Student Invitation Fellowship, 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology, 2013–2014

MIE Research Symposium Best Poster Presentation Award, 2013

Carbon Management Canada International Research Exchange Fellowship, 2013

Gordon Cressy Award for Student Leadership, 2012

Engineering Science Research Opportunities Program Fellowship, 2009

Recent Publications and Google Scholar Profile:

  1. Gerardo, S., Davletshin, A., Loewy, S., and Song, W. From Ashes to Riches: Microscale Phenomena Controlling Rare Earths Recovery from Coal Fly Ash. Accepted to Environmental Science & Technology.

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  14. Song, W., Fadaei, H., and Sinton, D. Determination of dew point conditions for CO2 with impurities using microuidics. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (6), 3567–3574, 2014.