Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery research includes topics such as how to improve oil recovery from all types of geological formations by any of a number of methods such as chemical (polymer, surfactant, nanoparticles, polymer gels), low salinity, microbial, miscible gas and thermal EOR as well as a variety of novel and hybrid methods such as combining gas and chemicals (low tension gas/foam flooding) and steam with solvents. 

This research involves both laboratory and modeling approaches to investigate process mechanisms, optimization and development of new chemicals, new models and new and better ways to design and predict field performance taking into account geology, geochemistry, petrophysics and reservoir engineering among other factors.  


Matt Balhoff

J. Eric Bickel

Hugh Daigle

Mojdeh Delshad

David DiCarlo

Larry Lake

Kishore Mohanty

Quoc Nguyen

Ryosuke Okuno

Gary Pope

Kamy Sepehrnoori

Wen Song

Carlos Torres-Verdin