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Graduate Seminar - Dr. Birol Dindoruk


Monday, October 10, 2016


03:00pm - 04:00pm


CPE 2.204


Speaker:  Birol Dindoruk , Principal Technical Expert/Team Leader in Reservoir Engineering at Shell International E&P

Title of Seminar: “Reservoir Fluid Properties (PVT) and Phase Equilibria: What Fluid Data You Need for Integration and When”

Abstract: In general, fluid properties are central to almost all the applications in the form of input. In reservoir studies, from material balance calculations to simulation, fluid properties are always required to estimate in place volumes, EOR potential, and the transport parameters that interact with the flow. The variations of PVT properties during depletion phase are also needed to evaluate the reservoir performance and to design surface and subsurface facilities.

In recent years, rising number of offshore projects as well as unconventionals and difficult fluids have made the data requirements and modeling of reservoir fluid properties even more important. Some of the frequently encountered issues and certain non-routine type of data and measurement requirements will be highlighted, including but not limited to unconventionals, OBM contamination, near-critical systems, grading, kinetic effects and some elements of integration towards the objectives.

 The final goal of a successful “PVT program” is to represent/model the reservoir fluid from reservoir to refinery with a single (set) of fluid description that uses coherent fluid data. 

Biography:   Birol Dindoruk is a Principal Technical Expert/Team Leader in Reservoir Engineering working for Shell International E&P since 1997. He is also an adjunct faculty at the University of Houston, Department of Chemical Engineering and a consulting professor at Stanford University Energy Resources Engineering Department. He is a global consultant for Fluid Properties (PVT) & Miscible/Immiscible Gas Injection EOR & Simulation. Before joining Shell, he has worked at Amoco Tulsa Research Center on compositional simulator development projects. He holds a BSc degree from Istanbul Technical University, an MSc degree from The University of Alabama, a PhD degree from Stanford University, all in petroleum engineering and an MBA degree from University of Houston.

Dindoruk is a recipient of Society of Petroleum Engineers' (SPE) Cedric K. Ferguson Medal in 1994 and Lester C. Uren Award in 2014.  He was one of the Co-executive Editors of SPE Formation Evaluation/Reservoir Engineering Journal (2004-2006) and the Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (2006-2013). He is also one of the SPE Distinguished Lecturers for 2010–2011.