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Need to Hire a Petroleum Engineer?
Please review the recent UT PGE graduates as well as current students seeking a full-time position or an internship. Contact the student or graduate directly. Thank you!
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19 Engineers available...
Student Status Position Sought      Resume      LinkedIn
Daniel AdkinsSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mohamed BennisPhD Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Campbell BoswellSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Lawrence ChenSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Oney ErgePhD Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Nathan HsuBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Anushka KaleSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kenneth LandtroopSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
John MeadowsSenior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
John MitchellBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Terry NguyenFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Deseree RiosJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Travis SalomakiFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christian SchneiderSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Scott SchulteSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Nicole TingSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jacob ToySenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Xian (Will) WuBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ben ZhongFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn