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Need to Hire a Petroleum Engineer?
Please review the recent UT PGE graduates as well as current students seeking a full-time position or an internship. Contact the student or graduate directly. Thank you!
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76 Engineers available...
Student Status Position Sought      Resume      LinkedIn
Adrian AdameSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Grant AdkinsFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Yusra Khan AhmadMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Colten ArteagaSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Nana AsiamahMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jonathan BaronSenior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Emily BellSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Zheng BianJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Brady BlonkvistJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Derek CavenderSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Omar ChatilaJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
James ChoiMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Chase ColleyBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Madison ConneryJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Alexander CuiSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Patrick DalyJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Eric DavidsonSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Yong Do KimJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Daniel EhrenfriedMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jacob EntremontJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Reid FagerquistSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Bernardo FernandesSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Luisa Florez UmbarilaJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Emmaline FogartySophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ronald GaranSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Pinaki GhoshMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Allison GingerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jeremy GrayJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christopher GriffithJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christian GritteSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ruth HahnMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Katy HansonSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Joseph HaysBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Chris HowardJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kendall HuddlestonSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Andrew JohnsonMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
William KazenasSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Muhammad KhanMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Wynn KoprivaMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Zach KylerSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Daniel LeeSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Amr LehetaMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Tanner LindahlSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christian LoueyJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
William LuuSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Prachi MehtaMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Michael MellerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Raymond MetzlerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Marius MoldvaerJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Joseph MoonSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Shelby O'NealSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Dipo OlukitibiMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Arsha PourghaffarJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Joseph PritchardSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Talal QaziSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christopher RasmussenSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Michael RosenSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ricardo Salas PorrasMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kellyn SchmitzJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Cesar SoaresMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Matthew SowardsFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Bakhtiyar SuleimenovJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Arman TanzharikovSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jacob TaylorMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Sarah TeagueSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Carlos TorresJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Tony TranJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Alex WernerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kathryn WinkeljohnSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kelli WolfJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Christian WolzSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Sarah WoodardSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Kevin YinSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Dylan YoungSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Wenmeng ZhangSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Claire ZolkoskiSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn