Graduate Program

Graduate student and advisor mull experiment results

Be an Energy Leader. Be a Longhorn.

The University of Texas at Austin petroleum engineering graduate program, by the numbers, is a strong and influential community that is dedicated to changing the world — 150 students, $9.2 million in research funding and 1,450 alumni with graduate degrees. You will learn and develop in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities for energy and technology.

UT PGE’s education and research enables students to make an impact on society by finding solutions to our greatest energy challenges. The program, which ranks No. 1 in the world, has a tradition of excellence that stems from:

  • Robust curriculum
  • Exceptional faculty
  • Unmatched, innovative research program

UT PGE offers the following graduate programs: 

  • MS Program
  • PhD Program

Both the MS and PhD programs are housed on the UT Austin campus.

In the classroom, students will receive a robust education from world-class professors who have literally written the books on petroleum engineering. Graduate students conduct research in state-of-the-art facilities that provide unique capabilities in a variety of areas including big data, production logging, vertical and inclined flow in wells, artificial lift, core flooding for enhanced oil recovery, subsurface environmental remediation, drilling, rock mechanics, well log digitizing and interpretation, and PVT analysis.

Since many energy companies conduct worldwide operations, petroleum engineers may have the opportunity to work on assignments around the globe. Petroleum engineers must solve a variety of technological, political and economic problems encountered in these assignments. Together, these exciting challenges offer a petroleum engineer a most rewarding career.

We invite you to become part of our diverse community recognized internationally for its bold, innovative spirit. Define your future as you pursue your professional passions, explore new interests and re-evaluate long-held industry ideas — all while redefining what's possible.