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Petroleum Engineering

1. What inspired you to apply for UT PGE?

I applied for UT PGE because not only is it one of the best petroleum engineering departments in the country, but the university as a whole is incredibly diverse so it is an amazing place to meet people with many different backgrounds. It also helps that UT is in one of the best cities in the country.

2. What excites you about the oil and gas industry?

The oil and gas industry is exciting because energy is such a driving force in the world. The world as we know it isn’t possible without oil and gas. Providing such an important commodity to the world is one of the best parts of being in PGE.

3. What student organizations are you involved in?

I am in the PGE honor society Pi Epsilon Tau, a member of SPE, and served as president of a spirit group Excelerate Texas for 2017. I am also active in a few intramural sports teams.

4. What has been your most memorable UT PGE experience?

While UT PGE has given many so many wonderful experiences, my internship with the UT SURI program is one of my favorites. Learning about so many advanced topics through research was an amazing job, and taught me a lot about a side of oil and gas I wasn’t familiar with prior to the internship.

5. What has been your favorite lesson you have learned while at UT PGE?

My favorite and most important lesson I have learned in PGE is communication is key. Being able to work with a team, ask a professor for help, or talk to a recruiter is very important skill, and one of the most difficult to learn. Luckily, UT PGE has an amazing community of students, faculty, and staff to help anyone polish these skills and become the best engineer they can be.






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