Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Masters Reports

Joshua Christopher Bautista-Anguiano Modeling, Simulation and Interpretation of Spontaneous Potential Logs to Quantify Hydrocarbon Saturation [PDF]

Cagdas Eritici Compressive Forces Causing Rod Buckling in Sucker Rod Pumps and Using Sinker Bars to Prevent Buckling [PDF]

Hasan Javed Khan Improved permeability estimation of formation damage through imaged core flooding experiments [PDF] Associated data set at Digital Rocks Portal

Mathilde Michèle Luycx Tool Design, Physics and Interpretation of Neutron-Gamma Density [PDF]

Andreas Michael Hydraulic fracturing optimization : experimental investigation of multiple fracture growth homogeneity via perforation cluster distribution [PDF]

Kaustubh Shrivastava Alternate-Slug Fracturing Using Foam [PDF]  

Masters Theses

Hamdi Ahmed Alramadan Experimental Evaluation of Surface Treated Nanoparticles and their Effect on Wettability Alteration of Carbonate Surfaces and Oil-Brine Interfacial Tension [PDF]

Ryan Andris The Effect of Restrictive Diffusion on Hydrate Growth [PDF]

Prateek Bhardwaj A New Reservoir Scale Model for Fracture Propagation and Stress Reorientation in Waterflooded Reservoirs [PDF]

Abhishek Dilip Bihani Pore Size Distribution and Methane Equilibrium Conditions at Walker Ridge Block 313, Northern Gulf of Mexico [PDF]

Beibit Bissakayev A Sensitivity Study on Modified Salinity Waterflooding and Its Hybrid Processes [PDF]

Eric Cushman Bryant Hydraulic Fracture Modeling with Finite Volumes and Areas [PDF]

Timothy Alexander Cousins Effect of Rough Fractal Pore-Solid Interface on Single-Phase Permeability in Random Fractal Porous Media [PDF]

Alex Cui Experimental Study of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery and its Impact Residual Oil in Sandstones [PDF]

Yujing Du Modeling of Gas Flooding in High Pressure Reservoir Using a Compositional Reservoir Simulator [PDF]

Pinaki Ghosh Study of Alternating Anionic Surfactant and Gas Injection in Carbonate Cores [PDF]

Jordan Taylor Isbell Using Huff n’ puff with a Recycled Hydrocarbon Gas as a Means for Enhancing Oil Recovery in A Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoir [PDF]

Paul Byron Jordan Two-Phase Relative Permeability Measurements in Berea Sandstone at Reservoir Conditions [PDF]

Pratik Kakkar Experimental Study of the Effect of Stress and Fluid Sensitivity on Propped and Un-propped Fracture Conductivity in Preserved Reservoir Shale [PDF]

Yuxiang Li Experimental Investigation of Imbibition in Oil-Wet Carbonates Under Low IFT Conditions [PDF]

Madalyn Marie Liebum Characterization of an Alkyl Diamine Surfactant for Gas Mobility Control in Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery and Conformance Control [PDF]

Duong Thai (Bradley) Nguyen Production Mechanism of Diluent Injection in Heavy Oil and Bitumen [PDF]

Vu Nguyen A Novel ASP Flood Design for CO2 Contaminated Sandstone Reservoirs at Low Salinity and Low Permeability [PDF]

Elif Ozdingis Optimization of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, Electrical Joule’s Heating, and Thermal-Chemical Processes for Heavy Oil Reservoirs [PDF]

Mauro Ariel Palavecino New Methods of Petrophysical Rock Classification Based on MICP and Grain-Size Distribution Measurements with Applications in Carbonates and Tight-Gas Sandstones [PDF]

Zhong (Sean) Pan Revised Productivity Index Equation to Improve Transient History Match for the Capacitance Resistance Model [PDF]

Jose Ernesto Parra Perez Experimental Investigation of Viscous Forces during Surfactant Flooding of Fractured Carbonate Cores [PDF]

Vivek Ramachandran Ravi Mixing laws and fluid substitution for interpretation of magnetic resonance measurements[PDF]

Arash Shushtarian Effect of a Discrete Three-Phase Methane Equilibrium Zone on the Bottom-Simulating Reflection [PDF]

Derek Andrews Tinker Pore-Scale Permeability Prediction using Critical Path Analysis [PDF]

Brandon Jamal Tripp Dependence of Transport Properties on Grain Size Distribution [PDF]

Marut Wantawin A Probabilistic Workflow for Uncertainty Analysis Using a Proxy-Based Approach Applied to Tight Reservoir Simulation Studies [PDF]

Thanawut Worawutthichanyakul Unstable Immiscible Displacement Study in Oil-Wet Rocks [PDF]

Pável Zuloaga Molero Performance Evaluation of CO2 EOR in Tight Oil Formations with Complex Fracture Geometries [PDF]


Mohammad Reza Beygi Development of Compositional Three-Phase Relative Permeability and Hysteresis Models and Their Application to EOR Processes [ScholarWorks PDF]

Christopher Allen Johnson Blyton, Proppant Transport in Complex Fracture Networks [PDF]

Jose Sergio de Araujo Cavalcante Filho Mobility Control of Gas Injection in Highly Heterogeneous and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs [PDF]

Xiongyu (Jasper) Chen  Experimental Studies on CO2-Brine-Decane Relative Permeabilities in Berea Sandstone With New Steady-State and Unsteady-State Methods [PDF]

Behzad Eftekhari A Lattice Model For Gas Production From Hydrofractured Shale [PDF]

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh Pore Fluid Percolation and Flow in Ductile Rocks [PDF] Associated dataset at Digital Rocks Portal

Hoonyoung Jeong Fast Assessment of Uncertainty in Buoyant Fluid Displacement Using a Connectivity-Based Proxy [PDF]

Chunbi Jiang Pore Structure Characterization of Shale at the Micro- and Macro-scale [PDF]

Amir Kianinejad Measurement and Modeling of Three-Phase Relative Permeability as a Function of Saturation Path [PDF]

Tianbo Liang Water Block From Hydraulic Fracturing in Low Permeability Rocks: Experimental Studies on Causes and Potential Mitigation Methods [PDF]

Nabijan Nizamidin Optimized Heavy Oil-in-Water Emulsions for Flow in Pipelines [PDF]

Hisanao Ouchi Development of a Peridynamics-based Hydraulic Fracturing Model for Fracture Growth in Heterogeneous Reservoirs [PDF]