Theses and Dissertations

UT PGE graduate students produce influential reports, theses and dissertations that help solve the oil and gas industry’s recovery and environmental challenges. This section features the most recent papers as well as our more than 15-year database.


Masters Reports

You Wang. Estimating Capillary Pressure From NMR Measurements Using a Pore-Size-Dependent Fluid Substitution Method. [PDF]

Masters Theses

Sean Brame. The Effect of Rock Morphology on Steam Foam Rheology. [PDF]

Mauricio Fiallos Torres. Modeling Interwell Fracture Interference and Huff-N-Puff Pressure Containment in Eagle Ford Using EDFM. [PDF]

Connor Mulkay. Investigating the Utilization of Surfactant in Liquid Unloading Experiments of a Propped Fracture. [PDF]

Carolyn Powell. Deriving Rock Strength from MSE and Drilling Data. [PDF]

Ian Rostagno. Friction Reduction Optimization for Extended Reach and Horizontal Wells. [PDF]

Weitong Sun. A Scenario Management Platform that Incorporates Statistic and Simulation for Unconventional Field Development. [PDF]


Xiao Tian. Microscale Pore-Fracture System Characterization of Shales by Digital Images, Gas Sorption and Machine Learning. [PDF]

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Storage Rocks