Theses and Dissertations

UT PGE graduate students produce influential reports, theses and dissertations that help solve the oil and gas industry’s recovery and environmental challenges. This section features the most recent papers, as well as those in our database going back to 2004.

Newly Released Research


Master’s Theses

Alhotan, Muhammad. Investigation of Surfactant-Polymer Flooding Simulation Using Two-Phase and Three Phase Microemulsion Phase Behavior Models.
Baghishov, Ilgar. Comparison of Glycine, Acetate, and Formate as Wettability Modifiers for Carbonate Formations.
Bruno, Jonathan. A Novel Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test Workflow Considering Natural Fractures.
Gigliotti, Alex Edward. Two-Phase Percolation in Texturally Equilibrated Porous Media.
Guo, Yifei. A Data Analytics Framework for Analyzig the Effects of Frac Hits on Parent Well Production.
Horan, Cameron Rae. Evaluation of Class F Fly Ash-Based Alkali-Activated Materials for Civil and Petroleum Engineering Applications.
Liu, Mingyan. Effects of Surfactant Partition Coefficient and Interfacial Tension on the Oil Displacement in Low-tension Polymer Flooding.
Liu, Young. Mixing of Solvent and Bitumen in Steam-Solvent Co-Injection Under Controlled Thermodynamic Conditions.
Quintanilla, Zach Tyler. An Experimental Investigation of Oil Recovery in EOR Processes in Tight Rocks.
Witt-Doerring, Ysabel. A Methodology to Identify Root Cause of Drill Bit Failure from Surface Drilling Data and Bit Images.

Master’s Reports

Eghbali, Ali. Combining Spectroscopy Elemental Well Logs, Inverted Nuclear Logs, and High-Resolution Borehole Images for Improved Mineral and Petrophysical Interpretations.
Takahashi, Toma. Development of an Algorithm for Wellbore Stability Calculation with Arbitrary Deviations.
Xiao, Yuchen. Application of Spatial Causal Inference in Induced Seismicity Studies.