Study Abroad

UT PGE students pose with Longhorn flag in front of ancient ruins

UT PGE hosts an annual study abroad experience to Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Led by Professor Maša Prodanović and Associate Professor Michael Pyrcz in June and early July, the six-week program takes place along Croatia’s beautiful coastline, unique rock formations, Roman ruins and quaint historical cities. Students have the opportunity to master fundamental concepts in numerical methods, spatial data analytics and their relation to subsurface problems while they explore related energy topics in a European context that are relevant today more than ever. They receive credit for PGE 311 (Introduction to Numerical Methods) and PGE 338 (Introduction to Geostatistics and Data Analysis).

Students will visit a gas storage site near Zagreb and attend selected talks at the local petroleum engineering conference (PESS) in Dubrovnik. They will travel to national parks that are prime (and beautiful) examples of karst hydrogeology, visit the birthplace and museum of Nikola Tesla, and spend time in the capital of Zagreb, forming lasting friendships with University of Zagreb students.

With many UT PGE alumni working and living abroad, students will experience what it’s like working for a global company by participating in this international educational opportunity during their time on the Forty Acres. During the program, students receive UT PGE faculty mentorship and the valuable opportunity to network with members of the energy industry while gaining cross-cultural communication skills.

Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate. The Croatia program is open to all engineering majors and Jackson School of Geosciences majors. Prerequisites for PGE 311 are PHY 303K and 103M, and credit/reg. for Math 427J or 427K. Prerequisites for PGE 338 are Math 408D or 408M and PGE 311 (students in the Croatia program will take PGE 311 and PGE 338 concurrently). 

Info Sessions

  • Monday, Sept. 26
    6:30–7:30 p.m.
    CPE 2.204
  • Thursday, Oct. 13
    6:30–7:30 p.m.
    CPE 2.206